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Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to improve the appearance of your smile, it’s time to consider what kind of treatment may be appropriate for you. Our Glendale cosmetic dentists offer a range of treatments to that we can meet our patients’ respective needs. Today we’re going to be giving you a brief overview of some of the most popular treatments in our office. Let’s get started!

Professional dental whitening: this non-invasive treatment minimizes existing stains so that the patient’s smile is restored to its previous level of whiteness. Professional whitening gels are much more potent and effective than over the counter options.

Dental bonding: using composite resin our dental team can repair damaged teeth and improve dental aesthetics in just one appointment. During treatment, our dentist applies custom-shaded composite resin to the patient’s natural teeth. Then, we cure it so that hardens and bonds to the enamel. Use dental bonding to repair damage, cover dark and stained enamel, close gaps between teeth, and make your smile look better aligned.

CEREC crowns: when a tooth is damaged due to infection or trauma, our team will likely recommend that you restore it with a dental crown. In our office, we utilize CEREC crown technology, so that we can create and place your crown in just one appointment. CEREC crowns are high-quality, personalized, and permanent porcelain crowns.

Veneers and LUMINEERS: these thin porcelain restorations are bonded to the natural tooth in order to resurface and transform the visible portions of the tooth. Veneers and LUMINEERS are so thin that they look and feel natural once in place.

These are just some of the treatments that regularly use to help patients achieve smile transformations. If you want to learn more about specific treatments, or if you want to schedule a personal consultation with our team, give our Glendale cosmetic dentists a call!


Whether your tooth is damaged and you require restorative care, or you’re looking for a way to enhance your dental aesthetics (or both), you have a number of different dental materials at your disposal. Today our Glendale dentists are reviewing the attributes of a few of the most commonly employed materials in modern dentistry. We hope that this information helps you better understand how restorative and cosmetic dentistry works!

Let’s begin by discussing a type of filling that was once quite prevalent: amalgam. Amalgam is a mixture of metals—usually silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury—that is used to as a dental filling material. In modern dentistry, many patients prefer to avoid amalgam because it looks dark and metallic on the tooth surface, and because it contains mercury. Our dental team offers amalgam alternatives.

Composite resin fillings deliver aesthetically pleasing results while standing up to the wear and tear of daily life. Composite resin is made of powdered glass and plastic resin; this combination mimics the appearance of natural dental enamel, delivering a seamless visual result. Composite resin has become increasingly popular as amalgam use has fallen away.

Porcelain is another material that is frequently used to create dental restorations—including aesthetic restorations like veneers and LUMINEERS. Porcelain is especially popular for restoring teeth that are in the front of the patient’s smile, and thus highly visible. In certain cases, a porcelain restoration may not be a suitable option for restoring a molar due to the amount of pressure that will be placed on the tooth—your dentist will talk to you about your restorative options.

Our Glendale dentists can give you any additional information that you need about how we restore teeth, and the specific treatments that we offer. Please feel free to call our team, or use the Contact Us page on our website to submit a question.


Sometimes, by the time that patients come in to see our dental team they have practically given up hope on achieving a healthy and attractive smile. We know that restoring your smile can seem daunting and intimidating, but our Glendale dentists are here to demystify this process, and empower you to achieve your dental goals.

Our team has seen firsthand how life changing it can be for people to achieve smile transformations. Today we’re going to be reviewing some of the treatments and technologies that we use to complete smile makeovers. We hope that this helps you start to consider what types of treatments might be right for your smile.

The number when priority when planning a smile makeover is to ensure that the patient’s smile is healthy and structurally sound. To this end, our team offers high-quality restorative treatments that also look great. We may need to treat individual cavities with tooth-colored fillings or CEREC porcelain crowns. Severely damaged teeth can be treated with root canal therapy.

We can concurrently lighten natural teeth with professional dental whitening treatments, or cover unattractive dental enamel with composite bonding or LUMINEERS. If you want to straighten your natural teeth—closing gaps between your teeth and eliminating dental crowding—then Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Our team will help you determine what combination of treatments best meets your needs.

Tooth replacement treatments showcase some of the most exciting recent developments in restorative dentistry. Using individual dental implants as well as implant-stabilized prosthetics, like dentures, our dental team is able to rebuild patients’ smiles with permanent, customized replacement teeth. Patients report that modern prosthetics and dental implants are more attractive, more comfortable, and more natural feeling than their predecessors.

Our Glendale cosmetic dentists consider it our responsibility to combine exceptional aesthetics with sound and long-lasting restorative care. Give us a call to schedule a personal consultation and get started!