Dental Implants In Glendale Deliver Completely Customized Results

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 27, 2011

Tooth loss can be devastating for a patient—both physically and psychologically. Because our Glendale restorative dentists understand this, we do everything in our power to help patients reclaim oral health, and restore their smiles.

Our dental team has found that dental implants are only becoming more popular with dental patients of many ages. These stand-alone replacement teeth work with your smile to deliver exceptional results.

One reason that so many people turn to dental implants is that these replacement teeth are totally customizable. For example…

The size of the dental implant—both the implant root and crown—will be designed to fit your smile. The implant root will fit comfortably along the blank space in your jaw line. And the crown of your dental implant will look appropriately sized in comparison to your natural teeth, while also being a size that preserves a healthy bite structure.

The color of your implant crown will also be customized to fit your needs. We’ll make sure that your implant restoration blends with your natural enamel, so that it doesn’t look “too bright” or fake. Once your implant is in place, you’ll be amazed at how seamlessly your new tooth blends into your smile.

The other thing our dental team considers is how we can shape your replacement tooth to mimic your natural dental shapes. This is a factor that many dental patients don’t really take into account, but the truth is that different people have very different naturally occurring tooth shapes. When we design your dental implant restoration, we’ll make it appropriately rounded or angular—depending on what your natural teeth look like.

If you want a customized and intuitive tooth replacement option, then dental implants might be right for you. If you want more information, just give our Glendale dental implant dentists a call to get started!