Get A Luminous Smile You’ll Love With Glendale LUMINEERS Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 3, 2012

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, you have more treatment options than ever before. Our Glendale cosmetic dentists are here to help you choose the perfect treatment for your smile and your life. So today we are going to give you some more information about one popular aesthetic treatment—dental LUMINEERS.

LUMINEERS are porcelain cosmetic restorations—our dental team actually attaches these restorations directly to the patient’s dental enamel. Once the LUMINEERS are in place, they stay in place permanently.

One of the key reasons that so many people choose LUMINEERS is that these cosmetic restorations can address a number of different aesthetic issues all at once. So with LUMINEERS you can…

· Brighten the appearance of your smile, as custom-colored LUMINEERS are able to cover stained or discolored dental enamel. Porcelain closely mimics the appearance of natural enamel, so these aesthetic restorations deliver exceptionally natural looking results

· Close gaps between your teeth, so that your smile appears seamless and perfected

· Lengthen short or disproportionate teeth in order to improve the balance of the smile

· Make crooked or crowded teeth appear straight

· Cover minor dental damage, so that the tooth looks fresh and unblemished

Using LUMINEERS, you can get the smile you have been dreaming of in just a few dental appointments. Generally, our dental team is able to complete LUMINEER treatment in just three dental appointments. Plus, this treatment is non-invasive, so it is very comfortable for the patient.

We hope that this explanation of LUMINEER treatment has given you a better idea of whether or not this cosmetic option is appropriate for your smile. If you want to learn more our Glendale LUMINEER dentists can help—just give us a call or submit your information on the Contact Us page of our website!