Get Some Tips From Our Glendale Dentists On Improving Dental Aesthetics

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 13, 2020

If you are unhappy with the current condition or appearance of your smile, our Glendale Cosmetic Dentists are here to help. While every smile is unique, there are a few commonly-sought-after aesthetic goals that can make a big difference. Today we are going to be talking about four things that you can do to achieve an attractive smile.

Erase Stains

Making your smile look whiter and brighter will make it look younger as well. When dental enamel is healthy and strong, it appears white and luminous. As enamel thins over time, and environmental stains accumulate, your teeth may turn dull and discolored.

Straighten Your Smile

If you currently have teeth that are crooked crowded together, straightening them can improve dental aesthetics as well as oral health. This can be achieved through orthodontic treatment, or application of aesthetic restorations, which effectively resurface your existing smile.

Close Up Dental Gaps

Another way to make your smile look its best is to close large gaps between teeth using either orthodontic treatment or aesthetic restorations. If the gap in your smile is the result of premature tooth loss, a then tooth replacement option, like a dental implant, may be perfect for you.

Optimize Proportions

Generally speaking, smiles are more attractive when they are symmetrical and well-balanced. When your smile, as a whole, is poorly balanced, our dental team can improve this using:

  • Gum tissue shaping to remove excess or overgrown tissue
  • Dental bonding to build up disproportionately small teeth
  • Porcelain restorations and veneers to resurface irregularly shaped teeth
  • Snap on Smile to help you achieve an instant aesthetic transformation

If you think that aesthetic dentistry may be right for you, our Glendale dentists are happy to give you some more information about treatment options. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or through the Contact Us page on our website.