Get The Facts From Our Glendale Dentist On How You Can Upgrade Your Dental Routine

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 2, 2021

When you are able to get the most out of your at-home oral hygiene routine, you greatly reduce your risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and halitosis. That is why our Glendale dentists have put together this short list of things that you can do throughout the day to refresh your smile. Let’s get started!

Refresh You Smile Regularly

Plaque is continually building up on your teeth and gums. You can be just as constant fighting oral bacteria by rinsing your mouth with water or a formulated rinse throughout the day. Rinse your smile after you finish eating or drinking, and any time that your mouth feels dry.

Pick The Perfect Toothbrush Brush

The heart of any well-designed oral hygiene routine to brush your smile for at least two minutes in the morning and before bed. To get the best results, make sure that you are using the correct type of brush for your teeth. For most of us, soft-bristled brushes are able to clean effectively without degrading enamel or gum tissue. 

Clean Strategically  

Because there are certain times during which your dental enamel is softer than usual, you want to make sure you brush your smile when it is at its strongest. When dental enamel is exposed to acidic substances, it becomes temporarily weaker and more porous than usual. Make sure to wait for 20 to 30 minutes after acid exposure to clean your teeth.

Get More From Flossing

Not all types of floss are created equal. When you are picking floss, take the time to choose a floss width that works for your smile. It is imperative that you are able to fit the length of floss between all of your teeth—even those hard-to-reach back molars. 

So, there you have it! Some simple, easy-to-implement additions and alterations to your daily dental routine. As always, our Glendale dentists are here to answer any questions you may have. Give us our office a call to reach a member of our team.