Get The Facts On Popular Dentistry Myths From Our Glendale Dentists

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 9, 2019

We’re back, and ready to address more myths about dentistry and oral health! Today, our Glendale dentists are talking, specifically, about misinformation that has to do with cosmetic dentistry treatments. Keep reading to learn more.

“Overdoing dental whitening can make my teeth too white”

This is a common concern that our Glendale dentists hear from cosmetic dentistry patients. The truth, however, is that the mechanics of professional whitening treatment only lift discoloration from the existing tooth structure. In essence, dental whitening works to restore the tooth to its previous level of whiteness, it isn’t dying the tooth a new color. That is why you don’t have to worry about your teeth getting “too” white or looking fake. Plus, our dental team is here to oversee the treatment process, and ensure you end up with the aesthetic results you’re looking for.

“Cosmetic dentistry is only for celebrities and the wealthy”

We are so happy to report that this isn’t true! There are many aesthetic dentistry options that are accessible and affordable. As cosmetic dentistry treatments and technologies have continued to progress, they have only become more cost-effective. One example of a versatile and affordable treatment option is dental bonding. Bonding allows our team to repair and resurface teeth using custom-shaded dental resin. The entire process takes just one appointment, and this cosmetic option is much more affordable then other treatments, like dental veneers.

“Aesthetic treatment weakens your smile”

This was a particular concern in the early days of cosmetic dentistry; patients worried that the treatments that made their smiles shine actually undermined the structures of their smiles. Today, the inverse is actually true; our dental team only uses aesthetic treatments that also fortify and support dental health. Materials like composite resin and porcelain are designed to work in harmony with your natural dental enamel.

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