Get The Facts On The Restorative Treatments Our Glendale Dentists Use To Treat Tooth Loss

Written by Dr. McKay on May 5, 2020

Oftentimes, the first thing that patients dealing with tooth loss notice is how drastically this changes the appearance of their smiles. Obviously, it’s hugely important to make the smile look whole and seamless again. However, our Glendale dental implant dentists are here to tell you about the other factors that you should prioritize.


Many patients come to our Glendale dentists because they have things that they would like to change about the appearance of their smile.  State-of-the-art dental treatment can create a straight, seamless, stain-free smile. Some treatments, like Invisalign orthodontic aligners, deliver results over a period of months, while dental bonding is completed in just one day.


It’s also important for our dentists to think about not only what will look the best, but also what type of treatment best supports long-term oral health. When we shift a patient’s bite alignment, for example, it is both to create a seamless smile and improve bite function. Any time that that we create dental restorations or crowns, it is especially critical that the specifications of your restoration coordinate with your natural teeth.

Long-term Oral Health

The thing that sets dental implant technology apart from other restorative options is that implant treatments include titanium implant root that extends into the patient’s jawbone. Our team places fill-sized implants to replace individual teeth. We can also use a few well-placed mini dental implant roots to hold larger dental prostheses permanently in place.

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