Glendale CEREC Dentist Discusses Differences Between Conventional Crowns and CEREC Restorations

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 25, 2014

When a patient suffers from dental decay he or she will require a dental restoration in order to achieve dental health. The good news is that our Glendale CEREC dentist office provides simple and convenient CEREC crowns to patients of all ages. Today we will be talking a little bit more about what sets CEREC and standard crowns apart.

1. Time commitment

The number one benefit of CEREC crowns is that our dental team can place these in just one dental appointment. While standard crowns take multiple appointments to complete—first your tooth is prepared, and then the crown is placed later—CEREC crowns are crafted and placed all in one day.

2. Temporary crown?

Patients agree that temporary crowns are uncomfortable and awkward to wear. If you want to avoid this inconvenience all together, CEREC crowns are the treatment for you. Because there is no significant time lapse between when your tooth is prepared and when your final restoration is placed, you won’t have to wear a temporary crown at all.

3. Exceptional fit

The CEREC technology that our dentist uses to take your tooth’s measurements is extremely precise. CEREC crafts a dental restoration that is designed to fit your tooth down to the last detail—you will be amazed at how natural your crown looks and feels.

4. Seamless smile

CEREC crowns, which are milled from porcelain, can still be shaded to match your existing teeth, and enhance the appearance of your overall smile.

If you want to get the restorative dental care that you require without the time commitment and inconvenience of traditional crowns, you might want to learn more about CEREC technology. Our Glendale CEREC dentist office will be happy to give you more information—please feel free to call our office, or submit a question to our dental team through our website.