Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Answers Your Questions About Veneers and LUMINEERS

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 30, 2019

You’ve spoken and our Glendale cosmetic dentist have heard you loud and clear: many of you feel that it can be pretty tough to pick the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment for your smile. That is why we are putting together this article series on various aesthetic treatments. Today, we’re getting started by giving you more information about veneers and LUMINEERS.

What are LUMINEERS and veneers used for?

Both of these aesthetic restorations are designed to cover the visible portion of a patient’s tooth. Once the veneer or LUMINEER is in place, it completely resurfaces and transforms the tooth’s appearance. Using these treatments you can close gaps between teeth, lengthen disproportionately short enamel, and even make uneven teeth appear straighter.

What is the main difference between them?

Veneers and LUMINEERS are quite similar. The primary difference is the type of porcelain used. LUMINEERS are crafted from Cerinate porcelain, which is exceptionally strong. Due to the strength of Cerinate porcelain, LUMINEERS are made to be even thinner than traditional veneers. LUMINEERS, are therefore less bulky, and require less reduction of natural tooth enamel when they are placed.

How long does treatment take?

One of the major advantages of both LUMINEERS and veneers is that they can be completed in just a few dental appointments. First your teeth will be prepped, then an impression will be taken. Once your final veneers or LUMINEERS are crafted, our team permanently bonds them to the natural tooth surface. Veneers and LUMINEERS allow you to achieve a total smile transformation quickly and conveniently.

How long do they last?

Both veneers and LUMINEERS are designed to be permanent additions to your smile. With proper care, they can last for decades before they need to be replaced. Additionally, because porcelain is naturally stain resistant, they will remain looking bright and fresh as time goes on.

We hope that you now have a better idea of what veneers and LUMINEERS can do for your smile. Check back soon for info from our Glendale cosmetic dentists about additional aesthetic dentistry options!