Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Describes Different Ways Of Lightening The Appearance Of Your Smile

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 28, 2017

If your teeth have started to look dark, dull, or dingy, you are certainly not alone. Dental discoloration ins a common complaint among adult dental patients. The good news is that our Glendale cosmetic dentists offer a number of effective treatment options that will help you restore your bright, white smile.

Here are some commonly used aesthetic treatments that can improve the appearance of a stained and dull smile:

Professional dental whitening treatment—this non-invasive treatment is designed to minimize existing stains on and in your dental enamel. Our dentist will apply a topical whitening gel to your smile—as the gel sits on your teeth it activates, and breaks up dental discoloration. Professional dental whitening treatments can be repeated over time to improve results.

Dental bonding—this option does not actually lessen existing stains themselves; rather dental bonding covers dark and stained enamel with fresh, custom-shaded dental resin. In just one appointment you can lighten your smile to your desired shade using dental bonding.

Porcelain LUMINEERS—these exceptionally thin dental restorations are applied to the patient’s natural tooth. Once applied, a LUMINEER totally covers the existing tooth. Working with your dentist you can choose the exact shade and color of your LUMINEER, so that it looks healthy, natural, and fresh.

Snap on Smile dental appliance—this comprehensive aesthetic dental appliance fits over the patient’s natural teeth, allowing the patient to achieve a total smile transformation. With Snap on Smile you can make your smile look whiter, straighter, more seamless, and unblemished all at once.

Our Glendale cosmetic dentists are here to help you make the perfect decision for your specific smile and dental needs. Please feel free to give our team a call to learn more and to schedule your personal consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!