Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Gives Patients Natural Results With Veneers and LUMINEERS

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 1, 2014

Improving the appearance of your smile is an exciting undertaking—you get to work with your dentist to bring you dream smile into reality. As you begin the cosmetic dentistry process, make sure that you talk to your dentist about how your cosmetic treatment will be tailored to fit your smile, specifically. Remember: cosmetic dentistry should not be “one size fits all,” your smile should reflect you!

Our Glendale cosmetic dentists find that many people achieve the attractive, customized results that they want with cosmetic veneers and LUMINEERS. That’s probably because there are so many ways to personalize veneers for each individual patient!

For example:

The size of your dental veneer or LUMINEER will both blend with your natural smile, and help you reach your ideal smile. Teeth come in all different sizes—shouldn’t dental restorations do the same?

The shape of your cosmetic restoration will also coordinate with your natural dental shapes. Take a look at your teeth in the mirror—do they look square and angular? Or are they more soft and rounded in shape? Our dental team will make sure that your veneer or LUMINEER mirrors the shapes of your natural teeth.

It is equally important that your smile is the same color throughout, which is why we shade the porcelain restorations to blend with your existing enamel. Our dental team recommends that patients who want to whiten their smiles do so before having their restorations placed; this allows us to shade your veneer/LUMINEER to match your post-whitening enamel.

When you meet with our dental team, we will explore what kinds of cosmetic results you can achieve with veneers or LUMINEERS. It’s easy to get started—just call our Glendale cosmetic dentist office or submit an inquiry on our contact us page. We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns!