Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Gives Tips for Maintaining Veneers and Lumineers After They’re Placed

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

Both Lumineers and veneers can transform teeth quickly and effectively. Even the most damaged smiles can be perfected with veneers and Lumineers. But how do you keep your veneers and Lumineers looking great after they’re attached to your teeth. Well, here are some tips on maintaining veneers and Lumineers from our Glendale cosmetic dentists

It all starts with a solid foundation of good dental hygiene!

· Brush your natural teeth and your veneers or Lumineers at least twice a day

· Floss at least once a day to clear plaque away from the gum line and from between teeth

· Add a mouthwash to your routine for added plaque-fighting power

· You can also rinse your mouth with water after each meal to minimize plaque build up

· Remember that veneers and Lumineers are naturally stain-resistant, and they won’t respond to traditional teeth whitening treatments

Develop good habits to protect your restorations…

· Try not to chew or chomp on hard foods like mints or ice

· Don’t use tobacco products—these are terrible for your veneers/Lumineers and your natural teeth!

· Chew with your back molars rather than your front teeth

· Don’t open packages, bags, or nuts with your teeth

See your dentist for regular oral cleanings and check ups…

· Your dentist can evaluate your veneers and Lumineers for weaknesses

· If your veneers or Lumineers are damaged due to dental injury or accident, we can replace your restorations quickly

· Seek treatment for chronic dental grinding (bruxism) if necessary, as this can wreak havoc on your veneers and Lumineers

Follow these guidelines to protect your veneers and Lumineers from damage. Our Glendale cosmetic dentists can give you more advice on maintaining your post-treatment smile when you come in for your consultation! We look forward to helping you discover the smile of your dream!