Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Office Uses A Number of Cosmetic Treatments to Achieve Total Smile Makeovers

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 28, 2014

Few people are lucky enough to be born with beautiful, stunningly straight teeth. The truth is that most of us need a little help to achieve the smiles of our dreams—that’s why our Glendale cosmetic dentists are here!

Our office provides a number of effective cosmetic treatments to transform damaged teeth. As you contemplate cosmetic treatment, it’s important to consider in what order you’ll complete each phase of treatment. Generally, it’s best to approach cosmetic care in this order…

Start with a clean slate!

Dental plaque and gum disease not only affect the health of your smile, they can also make your teeth appear dark and grimy. Before you begin cosmetic treatment you should always have a thorough dental examination and cleaning. We’ve had patients be amazed at how much better their teeth look after only a professional cleaning!

As part of your primary dental care, you should have all cavities treated and filled and any damaged teeth repaired. Once your mouth is healthy, you can start thinking about enhancing the aesthetics of your smile!


At this point you might want to think about lightening your natural teeth if you have discoloration you’d like to erase. If you’re having veneers or dental implants placed, you’ll probably want to whiten your natural teeth before receiving these restorations—as these do not respond to dental whitening. So whiten your natural teeth first, and you can have your implants and veneers shaded to match!

Say hello to your seamless smile

With strategically placed dental veneers, or a few dental implants to replace missing teeth, you can achieve a straight, seamless smile. At this point your teeth will be looking white, bright, and fresh.

Your treatment plan will depend on the treatments you choose to pursue, as well as any timeline requirements you have. Talk to our Glendale cosmetic dentist office to learn more—we’re here for you!