Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How Lumineers are Used for Older Teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 27, 2012

Our patients Sarah had always loved her smile; she was blessed with healthy, strong teeth, and as a young woman she hadn’t required much cosmetic work at all. However, the last time that Sarah came to see our Glendale cosmetic dentists, she mentioned that her smile was starting to show its age—and she wasn’t thrilled about it. Although she had taken great care of her teeth over the years, Sarah was experiencing some of the unavoidable cosmetic problems associated with aging dental enamel.


The first issues Sarah noticed was that her teeth were not as brilliantly white as they used to be. When dental enamel is young, it is thick, strong, and luminously white. However, with age, dental enamel begins to thin and wear down; this exposes the dentin underneath the dental enamel. Dentin is naturally dark and yellow in color, so teeth can begin to appear dull and yellow as the dentin shows through the dental enamel.


Additionally, Sarah pointed out a few small cracks and chips in her teeth that had just previously developed. Small cracks can affect aged teeth as the dental enamel weakens—leaving the teeth aesthetically marked and more prone to infection. Some patients may experience cracked or chipped teeth because they chronically grind their teeth.


Sarah was really upset about these physical changes to her teeth, but we assured her that these were common issues with proven, effective cosmetic solutions. Sarah chose to pursue dental Lumineers, to cover and resurface her damaged enamel.


Sarah loves her new Lumineers smile, her teeth look healthy and years younger. She’s thrilled to once again have teeth she’s proud to show off! If you’ve noticed dental changes like Sarah’s, don’t hesitate to give our Glendale cosmetic dental office a call—we can discuss your case in greater detail, and help you find a dental solution that works for you.