Glendale Cosmetic Dentist Reviews the Particular Benefits of LUMINEERS Crafted with Cerinate Porcelain

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 28, 2014

Porcelain is an ideal material for dental restorations, because it looks so natural and holds up for years. LUMINEERS are made of a particular type of porcelain, called Cerinate porcelain. Today I’m going to talk about what Cerinate porcelain lends to LUMINEERS, and why LUMINEERS are becoming so popular among dental patients.

So what are LUMINEERS?

LUMINEERS are thin layers of porcelain that are affixed directly to dental enamel in order to cover problematic teeth. LUMINEERS are shaped and shaded to fit a patient’s unique smile, and they can be used to cover an entire smile, a few teeth, or a single tooth.

Why are LUMINEERS made of Cerinate porcelain?

The goal with dental LUMINEERS is to make restorations that are strong and natural looking. Cerinate porcelain helps LUMINEERS appear natural and last for years because…

Cerinate porcelain reflects and absorbs light similarly to natural enamel—giving LUMINEERS a luminous, multi-dimensional appearance.

Cerinate porcelain is also very strong when it is applied to teeth. Consequently, LUMINEERS are crafted to be thin—a LUMINEER is about as thin as a contact lens—so a patient does not have to have his or her tooth filed away considerably in order to have the LUMINEERS placed. With dental veneers, on the other hand, a substantial amount of dental enamel and dentin must be eliminated in order for the thicker veneer to fit comfortably on the tooth and not look bulky. Because you are able to preserve more of your healthy natural tooth structure with LUMINEERS, your teeth will be more likely to stay strong and stable for years to come.

Cerinate porcelain is truly an ideal material for LUMINEERS, because with Cerinate porcelain patients can enjoy dental restorations that are both strong and natural looking. Give our Glendale dental office a call to learn more about what LUMINEERS can do, or to schedule a consultation for yourself!