Glendale Dental Implant Dentist Explains How Dental Implants are Constructed

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 18, 2013

The dental implant treatment process is designed to give patients suffering from tooth loss healthy and complete smiles again. The unique structure of the dental implant allows it to appear and feel like a natural tooth once it is inserted. Today our Glendale dental implant dentists are giving you more information about how we place and construct dental implants.

Dental implants are made of three component parts—the dental implant root, the abutment, and the dental restoration.

The dental implant root is made of titanium. This medical-grade screw is surgically inserted into the jawbone, and it serves the purpose of the natural tooth root. Over time the titanium screw bonds to your natural bone tissue.

The abutment is a small piece that connects the dental root and the dental restoration. The abutment is important for two reasons. First, the abutment establishes a secure fit between the foundation and the restoration of the dental implant. Also, the abutment allows for a minimal amount of “give” between these two parts of the implant, which prevents your implant from snapping.

The abutment is then capped with the porcelain dental restoration—this is the part of your dental implant that looks like a tooth and is visible above your gum tissue. One great thing about this dental restoration is that it will be designed to blend completely with your natural teeth.

During the dental implant placement process our dentist will first insert your dental implant root. Then we will allow the surgical site to heal for a month or two. Once your implant foundation is firmly in place we will proceed with attaching the abutment and restoration.

Do you have more questions about the dental implant treatment process? If so, feel free to give our Glendale dental implant dentist office a call to get the information you need! We look forward to talking with you!