Glendale Dental Implant Dentist Explains How We Use Dental Implants to Improve Patients’ Oral Health

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 5, 2013

Whether you have lost a tooth due to accident or infection, it is critical to your overall wellbeing that you find a suitable restorative dental treatment to replace your tooth. Missing teeth destabilize the structure of your mouth, and put you at risk for infection and dental decay. Our Glendale dentist office often recommends dental implants for patients suffering from tooth loss—read on to learn why.

When our dentist sees a patient who is missing one tooth or multiple teeth, he wants to achieve a few different objectives:

1. Allow the patient to function normally again—eating and speaking

2. Restore the health and stability of the patient’s mouth

3. Give the patient’s smile an unblemished, attractive appearance

Dental implants are an exceptional way to achieve all of these goals with one treatment. Dental implants are made up of three component parts—the titanium dental root, the abutment (which serves as a connector piece), and the dental restoration.

The titanium root is embedded in the patient’s jawbone, thus stabilizing the dental implant. This allows patients to speak and eat naturally with dental implants. The implant root additionally supports surrounding bone tissue; this keeps your natural teeth in place and prevents your jawbone from deteriorating.

The abutment and restoration of the dental implant are designed to give the patient a natural-looking replacement tooth. The restoration is designed and shaded to suit the patient and to blend with the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. A complete dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth—it is the next best thing to growing a new tooth!

Don’t wait to get the restorative dental care that you need. If you are missing a tooth, please call our Glendale dental implant dentist to get more information about how we can restore your smile and your oral health.