Glendale Dental Implant Dentist Helps You Learn More About What Happens Post-Tooth Loss

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 15, 2022

Losing a tooth can be a disturbing and upsetting even for patients of all ages. Taking steps to repair your oral health quickly can make all of the difference to the way your smile looks and feels. Keep reading to learn more from our Glendale dental implant dentists about the side-effects associated with tooth loss.

Dental Alignment

It is very common for patients dealing with tooth loss to find that their remaining teeth shift around and become crooked or crowded over time. Think of your tooth as a fencepost. Once this post is gone, the adjacent areas of the fence start to collapse and move toward the center. Restoring your smile promptly with a high-quality restoration will help to support adjacent natural tooth, and minimize changes in alignment.


It’s important to remember that every tooth we have extends beyond what’s visible to the naked eye—your tooth root goes through the gum tissue into the jawbone. Well, when you lose a tooth, you lose the root as well! Consequently, your jawbone tissue is no longer supported by root material. Unfortunately, for many patients, this means that their jawbone density begins to suffer, especially around the site of tooth loss. Once again, prompt restorative treatment with dental implants can counter this adverse effect.

Additional Tooth Loss

Because of the negative consequence of tooth loss, it is very common, without adequate treatment, for additional loss to occur within several years. In order to protect your smile, you want to partner with your dental team to build a restorative treatment plan that honors the underlying structure of your smile.

If you are dealing with tooth loss right now, we are here to provide you with the help and support you need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Glendale dental implant dentists to get more information and to schedule a personal consultation with our team!