Glendale dental implant dentists customize dental implants for each patient

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 22, 2014

When you are missing a tooth, you want to know that the restorative replacement tooth with which you are treated will:

· Look just like a natural tooth

· Function normally when you speak and eat

· Stay in place

· Last for years in conjunction with the rest of your smile

Our Glendale dental implant dentist office takes great pains to ensure that the dental implants we insert meet all of these criteria. Keep reading to learn how we design each dental implant to meet our patients’ respective needs.

When we meet with you the first thing that we will consider is what size of dental implant will meet your needs. The size of your dental implant refers both to the width and length of the titanium implant root, and the general size of dental restoration that is placed on top. Patients with narrow spaces along the gum line, or who are replacing small teeth may benefit from mini dental implants

The next step, when designing your implant, is to consider the shape of your dental crown. We will craft the restoration to look similar to your other teeth (in size and shape), and to promote healthy chewing and biting surfaces when it comes into contact with your natural teeth. This is one reason that dental implants are so durable and wear well over time.

Finally, we shade and color your dental crown to blend seamlessly with your existing dental enamel. If you want to lighten the appearance of your overall smile, you should whiten your natural teeth before we shade your restoration (as dental implant crowns will not whiten in response to bleaching agent).

As you can see, dental implants are exceptionally customizable to suit each person’s needs. If you think that dental implants may be right for you, our Glendale dental implant dentist office is here to help you decide!