Glendale Dentist Address Common Myths About Dental Health

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 2, 2019

There is so much information out there about oral health, and unfortunately, a lot of it is misleading. Today, our Glendale dentists have put together a short article debunking common dental myths. We hope that this is informative, and, remember, you can always give our office a call if you have additional questions!

“It’s always a good idea to brush; I should do it as much as I can.”

The truth is that there is a reason the American Dental Association recommends that patients brush in the morning and right before bed. First of all, brushing before you sleep helps to clear away plaque and dental debris that has accumulated during the day. Additionally, our mouths are driest at night while we are asleep. Saliva helps to neutralize bacteria and re-mineralize enamel. At night, we have less saliva in our mouths, so it’s extra important that our mouths are as clean as possible. Then, when you wake up in the morning, it is crucial that you clear away bacteria that have developed in the dry conditions overnight.

“Bleeding gums means that I should let my tissue heal before I floss again”

If you find that your gums are prone to bleeding, especially when flossing, then that is actually a sign that you should recommit to your oral cleaning routine. You should find that your gums bleed less as you get back into the habit of flossing. It is normal for neglected gum tissue to bleed when you start flossing again, but reach out to your dental team if the bleeding does not subside over time.

We’ll continue our discussion of common dental myths next week, so check back then. In the meantime, our Glendale dentists are here to answer any questions that may have. You can always call our office, or us the Contact Us page on our website to reach our dental team.