Glendale Dentist Discusses Signs And Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 8, 2022

One of the most important things that our Glendale dental team does is to help patients screen for signs of pre-cancerous and cancerous oral tissues. Today’s article will help you spot these kinds of issues in your own life. Make sure to reach out to your dental team if you notice…

Disrupted Healing  

One sign that it’s time to schedule an assessment with your dental team is an oral injury or sore that languishes; it just doesn’t seem to be getting better and healing. Alternatively, if a sore continually develops in the same spot, this may be sign that you’re dealing with mouth cancer. Talk to your dental team for additional support and guidance.

Changes in Color or Texture

Another thing to keep in mind is that cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues can appear markedly redder or whiter than surrounding healthy tissue. You may also notice that the edges of these patches are jagged or uneven, and that they appear rougher or bumpier in texture.

Discomfort & Unusual Sensations

Any time that you experience dental discomfort you want to bring it up with your dental team, so that it can be properly assessed. The same goes for a number other, less definitive sensations, like numbing, tingling, or radiating hot/cold. All of these issues can potentially indicate irregular tissue.

So there you have it. Prompt identification and treatment of cancerous tissues can make all of the difference; please don’t wait to reach out for help and support from our Glendale dentists.