Glendale Dentist Explains Advantages of the DIAGNOdent Dental Tool

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

The best thing that you, as a patient, can do for your smile is to take the time to undergo preventative dental treatments. Both at-home and professional preventative treatments will help to keep your smile looking and feeling great for as long as possible.

One dental innovation that our Glendale dentist office is proud to offer to our patients is the DIAGNOdent dental tool. DIAGNOdent is a dental revelation that allows our dental team to provide faster, more effective dental treatments to our patients.

What exactly is DIAGNOdent?

The DIAGNOdent tool is a handheld dental laser. Our dentist uses DIAGNOdent to scan patients’ teeth, searching for signs of dental decay.

As the DIAGNOdent tool glides over a patient’s teeth, it is able to report back to our dentist how much fluorescence each tooth is showing. When a tooth shows high levels of fluorescence, it is likely that that tooth has dental decay embedded within the tooth.

What are some of the benefits of DIAGNOdent?

The primary reason that our dental team uses DIAGNOdent is that it allows our dental team to identify dental decay that may be invisible to the naked eye. Our dentist can pinpoint, and thus treat, dental decay before it becomes pronounced and difficult to treat.

Patients love DIAGNOdent because it is comfortable and quick for the patient, and because it facilitates fast and effective dental care. Do not let dental decay intensify to cause tooth loss or bone tissue deterioration—get the timely treatment you need from a professional dentist with DIAGNOdent.

Our dental office is happy to give you any additional information you may need about DIAGNOdent technology and other preventative dentistry tools. Call our Glendale dentist office to get started speaking to our friendly staff—we are here to serve as your dental support system!