Glendale Dentist Explains Considerations Prior To Beginning Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 19, 2016

Before our dental team starts treatment on any particular patient, we consider a number of different thing in order to make sure that the treatments that we use are going to meet the patient’s needs. Today our Glendale dental team will be reviewing some key factors that we take into account—let’s get started!

1. Current state of your smile

One of the first things we will talk about when you come in for treatment is the current state of your smile. If you have existing oral health problem—including cavities and gum disease—our dental team may need to take care of these issues before we move ahead with any cosmetic treatments. It really isn’t worth it to improve the appearance of your smile if the underlying structure is not strong and healthy.

2. Long-term needs and goals

Our dental team will look ahead to make sure that the treatments you choose will meet your needs now and in the future. We will also help you figure out the correct order of treatments if you are combining multiple dental solutions. For example, you definitely want to undergo professional dental whitening treatments prior to undergoing dental bonding or dental veneer treatment. This will ensure that your restorations match the rest of your smile after it is whitened.

3. Timeline

When dental patients are trying to achieve aesthetic results for special events, our team works with them to use treatments that deliver results in a time frame that works for them. This is definitely something that we will talk about before we jump into the treatment process.

If you want to learn more about the treatments that we offer, and the process that we go through with our patients, please feel free to call our Glendale dentists. We have the information that you need to make great decisions for your smile!