Glendale Dentist Explains Some Ways That Patients Can Prevent and Treat Bad Breath With At Home Care

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 5, 2012

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your breath, you know that it can really put a damper on your social interactions, and leave you feeling wary about interacting with new people. Don’t let bad breath stop you in your tracks, our Glendale dentists can help you can take control of your oral health and reclaim good smelling breath with adequate treatment.


The first thing to do is to make sure that you’re following an adequate daily oral hygiene routine. You should brush and floss at least twice daily to help diminish plaque and tartar in the mouth and keep your mouth clean and fresh.


If you’re already following these simple steps but still experiencing bad breath, you may want to add an antimicrobial mouthwash in your routine. This mouthwash freshens breath temporarily, and it can also kill bacteria that you may have missed brushing.


It’s also important to consider any lifestyle changes that may contribute to bad breath. First of all, dry mouth will lead straight to bad breath if left unchecked. Saliva production is a critical component of dental health—saliva helps remineralize teeth and neutralize harmful (and odor causing!) oral bacteria. If you have dry mouth, you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth, so oral bacteria may run rampant.


You may begin to experience dry mouth if you’re…


  • Dehydrated
  • Stressed
  • Skipping meals


Additionally, if you sleep with your mouth open at night, you may find that you wake with a dry mouth and bad breath.


So what can you do?


Make sure to eat regular meals and drink enough water during the day. Brush and floss regularly with the additional use of a mouthwash. If you’re still experiencing chronic bad breath, you may have existing dental decay that is causing bad breath. Remember that you should have a professional dental check-up and cleaning at least every six months in order to maintain oral health and fresh breath!


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