Glendale Dentist Gives You Advice on How to Floss As Thoroughly as Possible

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 25, 2014

When you take the time to clean your smile to the best of your ability, you are investing in your long-term oral health. A key component of caring for your smile is flossing. So today our Glendale dentist office is expounding on the steps that you, as a patient, should take every time you floss your teeth. Let’s get started!

Flossing your teeth begins with choosing a particular floss that works well for you. There are a number of different of finishes and flavors of floss available; you should choose a type that is appealing to you. Just make sure that the floss does not shred when you move it between your teeth, as this will impede its ability to clear away plaque.

Then, make a plan for when you will floss, every day. Most patients find it easiest, and most effective to floss at night before they go to sleep. Try flossing every night before your brush your teeth, so that you can dislodge plaque and dental debris before you buff away plaque.

Pay attention to the technique that you are using to floss your teeth. When you move the floss strip between your teeth, move it both vertically and horizontally in order to dislodge as much plaque as possible. Make sure that you clean between every tooth, and behind your back molars. And do not use the same portion of floss to clean between multiple teeth, as this can compound dental plaque.

Once you start flossing your teeth every day, you will be pleasantly surprised at how fresh your mouth feels and looks. If you want any more information about daily dental hygiene optimization, our Glendale dentist office is here to assist you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the best dental treatments for your smile!