Glendale Dentist Gives You The Basics of High Quality Pediatric Dental Care

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 18, 2015

Great dental care should begin in childhood. A young patient can benefit in so many ways from effective and regularly scheduled oral hygiene care. In this short article our Glendale dentists are going to be explaining some of the reasons that kids need to undergo dental treatment.

Many parents and children are not quite sure why pediatric dental care is important. There are many reasons!

You have to keep your gum tissue healthy

Even before your child has many teeth, it is important that he or she has healthy gum tissue. Remember, gum tissue is the foundation of your child’s emerging smile. So you want to follow the ADA’s and your dentist‘s recommendations for cleaning your young child’s mouth even if your baby or toddler doesn’t have many teeth yet.

Practice makes perfect

As your children develop their primary teeth, you should start teaching them how to care for their smiles right away. You have the opportunity to embed strong, health-promoting dental care habits into your child from the very beginning. We want dental care to be second nature for your kids as they develop their permanent teeth.

Professional oversight

When your child comes in for semi-annual professional dental appointments, our dental team is able to assess their smiles for any signs of latent dental problems. Plus, regular dental visits in childhood will help your child avoid dental anxiety as he or she grows older. Early positive dental experiences are crucial to long-term dental success!

As you can see, there are many very good reasons for you to pursue dental care for your children. If you have further questions, or you want to set up a meeting with our friendly dental team, please call our Glendale dentist office! We look forward to helping your entire family achieve long lasting oral health.