Glendale Dentist Helps Adult and Pediatric Patients Maintain Healthy Smiles

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 11, 2012

Professional dental care will help dental patients of all ages achieve the healthy and attractive smiles that they want. Our Glendale dentists provide dental treatment for the whole family in our conveniently located office. Let’s learn more about how in-office treatment can help people.

The number one reason that professional dental cleanings are so important is that they allow our dental team to clear harmful plaque and tartar from your smile. Plaque and tartar lead to gum disease and dental cavities, so regularly scheduled, thorough cleanings are vital to protecting your oral health. And remember, tartar is actually calcified plaque that has hardened onto the patient’s teeth. Because tartar is so hard, and bonded onto the tooth, you actually need a dental professional (using professional tools) to clear it away.

Additionally, our dental team provides preventive treatments that can fortify teeth—especially for pediatric patients. Topical fluoride treatments, for example can help young patients develop strong and resilient dental enamel. When your family comes in to meet with our dental team, we can give you a better idea of what kinds of treatments might work with your smile.

Professional dental cleanings are also really important, because they give our dentist regularly scheduled opportunities to evaluate your smile for any signs of developing dental problems. Many dental infections are asymptomatic in their earliest stages, and thus difficult for patients to identify by themselves. The sooner that you seek restorative treatment, the better the prognosis for your smile, so early diagnosis by our dentists is hugely beneficial.

When you begin to make professional dental care a priority for your smile you’ll notice positive changes in your oral health. If at has been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist, now is the time to get back on track! So call our Glendale dentists when you are ready to schedule a consultation for you or your family.