Glendale Dentist Helps You Get The Facts On Both Metal Braces and Invisalign

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 15, 2016

When it comes to straightening your smile, you have options. Our Glendale dentists are here to help you choose the perfect treatments for your. To get started, let’s review some facts associated with Invisalign and metal braces, respectively.

Invisalign and metal braces are designed to move a patient’s natural teeth into better positions. In order for teeth to move, we need to put gentle, consistent pressure on these teeth.

· With metal braces this force is the result of metal wires, which are attached to metal brackets. As our dental team manipulates the wire over time, the smile will become progressively straighter.

· With Invisalign aligners, clear plastic aligners actually supply the necessary force to the teeth in order to perfect the smile. These aligners fit completely over the visible portions of the patient’s teeth. Because the patient wears these aligners all day and all night, the teeth keep moving toward their ideal destinations.

When you are choosing between these two orthodontic options, there are a few key considerations that you should keep in mind:

· Oral hygiene—you want to make sure that you can keep your smile clean throughout the treatment process. Most patients report that it is easier to care for their smiles using invisalign, rather than metal braces, because Invisalign aligners are completely removable.

· Aesthetics—you also want to consider how your smile will look as you straighten your smile. Metal brackets and wires are, obviously, quite visible on the teeth, while Invisalign aligners, because they are clear, allow the natural teeth to shine through.

Our Glendale dentists can provide you with all of the additional information that you need in order to get started perfecting your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatments. Please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our website when you’re ready to schedule a consultation!