Glendale Dentist Helps You Reclaim Healthy Smile Even After Dental Damage

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 20, 2015

Sometimes dental damage happens to even the most careful and diligent dental patients. Our Glendale dentists understand this, which is why we work so hard to provide top-notch restorative treatments to help get these patients back on the right track.

In today’s article we are going to be talking a little bit more about the different types of dental treatments that can take your smile from damaged to dazzling. Keep reading for more information!


A dental crown is designed to repair a tooth that is damaged—this damage may occur due to an infection or it may be the result of dental trauma. CEREC technology empowers our dental team to create and place your dental crown in just one appointment, because the crown is crafted right here in our office.


The dental implant is a tooth replacement option that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Every dental implant has a titanium root that replaces your natural tooth root. Consequently, your replacement tooth is going to stay in place 24/7—you never have to worry about it shifting around or falling out.


Laser dentistry is making it faster and easier than ever before for patients to treat ongoing dental problems. Our dental team uses the DIAGNOdent laser to locate insidious cavities, and to treat them before they severely damage your tooth and before they speared to other areas of your smile.

Every one of these innovative dental treatments can help you reclaim a healthy smile. If you think that you may require restorative dental treatments, please contact our Glendale dentists to get more information. We can answer all of your questions, and point you in the direction of treatments that may fit your needs. Don’t keep living with a compromised smile—help is here!