Glendale Dentist Provides an Overview of Diagnodent Technology

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 25, 2014

Our Glendale dentist office is committed to bringing our patients the latest dental technologies available. Modern dental technology makes it easy and comfortable to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

One technology that our dental team is proud to offer is the Diagnodent laser dentistry tool. Today we are talking a little bit more about how Diagnodent works, and why it is so popular with patients.

What is Diagnodent?

Diagnodent is a dental tool that our dentist uses to detect emerging dental decay in a patient’s smile. This non-invasive device allows our dental team to locate dental decay before it becomes visible to the naked eye. This means that, thanks to Diagnodent, we are able to start treating dental problems in their earliest stages.

How does Diagnodent work?

Diagnodent is a handheld dental laser. Our dentist will use the Diagnodent to scan a patient’s smile. The Diagnodent measures how much fluorescence exists within your tooth structure. Teeth with high levels of fluorescence have more dental decay than teeth that do not show much fluorescence. As the Diagnodent is scanning your teeth, it produces a digital read-out for our dental team, which details the levels of decay in your different teeth.

Why choose Diagnodent?

Many patients prefer Diagnodent treatment because it keeps the patient comfortable throughout the process. Our dental team loves Diagnodent, because it is capable of detecting all kinds of hidden cavities that would otherwise go undetected with traditional X-Rays. Diagnodent is allowing our dental team to catch dental problems before they intensify.

We are so happy to offer Diagnodent to our patients. Please contact our Glendale dentist office if you are interested in learning more about this technology, or dental treatments in general. Our team is here to support you as you optimize and transform your smile. We look forward to speaking with you!