Glendale Dentist Reviews A Number Of Treatments That We Use To Effectively Restore Teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on May 17, 2016

When dental damage occurs, our Glendale dental team is here to help you overcome these issues and regain a whole and healthy smile. There are actually a number of different treatments that we can use to restore your smile, today we will be talking about a few of them!

As always, if you have any questions after reading this short article, you can reach out to our dental team for additional information!

We’re going to begin by reviewing some treatments that use when a patient develops cracks or chips in his or her teeth. One option is called dental bonding; this treatment involves filling in broken spots, and even rebuilding chipped away enamel with dental resin. We also use tooth-colored crowns to restore teeth after they are damaged due to cavities or infections. Porcelain LUMINEERS can also cover damaged and diminished dental enamel.

Your teeth may also become damaged due to cavities. If this happens, our team can often eliminate the infected dental material, and then restore teeth with dental resin or tooth-colored crowns.

If an infection is pretty severe—meaning it has travelled into the inner core of the tooth—it may be necessary for our dentist to perform root canal therapy. During root canal treatment our dentist goes into the tooth and eliminates the dental pulp and tooth roots. Once this damaged material is gone, we can sterilize the tooth and repair it with a restoration. Root canal therapy can literally save teeth that would otherwise need to be pulled or would fall out.

The goal of restorative dental treatments is to save or improve the functionality of the damaged tooth, while also prioritizing the aesthetics of the smile. The modern treatments that we use look and feel exceptionally natural once they are complete.

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