Glendale Dentist Reviews Common Causes Of Unexpected Dental Damage

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 15, 2016

Even dental patients who are diligent about dental care can experience unexpected dental emergencies and traumas. Our Glendale dentists believe that the more information that you, as the dental patient, has, the better you will be able to protect your smile from potential threats.

That is why today we are reviewing some common causes of sudden and unexpected dental damage.

One of the ways that your smile may become damaged is if you are in some kind of car or bike accident. If this happens to you, the best thing that you can do is to seek dental treatment immediately—the sooner that you are able to receive treatment, the less likely you’ll be to suffer from long-term oral health issues as a result of the accident. If you lose a tooth in this situation try to gently reinsert the tooth into your gum tissue, or place the tooth in milk until you can get to your dentist’s office.

Contact and extreme sports are also risky for your dental health. Or team strongly recommends that you be fitted for, and wear, a well-fitting protective mouth guard if you participate in these activities. It is so much easier to take small steps to prevent dental damage than it is to try to treat it after the fact. If you have questions about why type of mouth guard you should be wearing, please reach out to our dentist for more information!

Finally, many people develop unexpected dental cracks and chips when they are chewing on hard candies, mints, or ice. We know that it can sometimes seem like your teeth are indestructible, but chomping on hard treats and ice can really take a toll on the strength and health of your dental enamel! If you’ve developed some of these bad habits, please make an effort to stop and give your teeth a break!

As always our Glendale dentists are here to give you more information and help you make the best decisions for your smile. So call our team to schedule a consultation or ask a question!