Glendale Family Dentist Provides Anxiety-Free Dental Care to Patients of All Ages

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 28, 2014

Today we continue our discussion of common causes of dental anxiety. If you notice yourself on this list, please know that there are treatment options available to you that will help you get the stress-free dental care you need. Our Glendale dentist office offers many options to help patients of all ages get thorough, effective dental care without unnecessary stress.

So we’ve already reviewed two common causes of dental fear—poor past dental experiences and embarrassment about the state of one’s smile. Here are two other common causes of dental anxiety…

Fear of painful dental treatment

This one is pretty easy to understand—who would want to experience pain during dental treatment? However, modern dental and sedation technology have made dental care more comfortable than ever before. There’s no reason to fear dental pain anymore. When you meet with your dentist, discuss your fears of dental pain, and your dental team will discuss your sedation and comfort dentistry options with you.

Fear or being out of control or incapacitated during treatment

Many patients don’t like the idea that they will be lying in a dentist’s chair and largely at the mercy of the dental team during treatment. Some patients are afraid that they will be unable to communicate effectively with their dentist during dental care. The truth is, however, that as the patient you’re the one who is in control during your treatment process. Our dental team will tailor your treatment to fit your needs and your preferences. As we discussed when dealing with general dental fear, it’s vital for you to find a dentist with whom you communicate and whom you can trust. Your dentist will discuss communication strategies with you prior to treatment so that everyone is on the same page.

Although dental phobia is common, it is something that needs to be addressed so that you can maintain optimal dental health. Our Glendale dentist office can help you get the treatment you need calmly and comfortably—give us a call to schedule your personal appointment!