Glendale Family Dentist Talks About The Importance Of Primary Teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 5, 2022

Pediatric dentistry is all about empowering young patients to care for their smiles and maintain oral health. There are a few specific reasons for these patients to prioritize their primary teeth. Keep reading to learn more from our Glendale family dentist

Jaw and Smile Development

One reason that primary teeth are so important is because they hold space along your jawline for your adult teeth to develop and emerge. Primary teeth ease the way for permanent teeth; retaining baby teeth until they fall out naturally supports healthy jaw development.


It is also crucial for young patients to maintain healthy baby teeth so that they are able to enunciate and learn new words! When young patients lose many baby teeth prematurely, they can struggle to speak clearly.

Expanding Diet

As your children grow, they will want to broaden their diets. A full complement of healthy baby teeth makes this transition easy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Help your children enjoy healthy smiles for life, by teaching them to take care of their baby teeth by brushing and flossing. Think of primary teeth as training wheels, of sorts. By the time your child’s permanent teeth develop, they’ll be pros at their daily oral hygiene routine!

As you can see, primary teeth serve some very important roles for young dental patients. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation for your child, please reach out to our Glendale family dentists by phone or through our Contact Us page!