Glendale Invisalign Dentist Outlines Top Three Benefits Of These Aligners

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 1, 2015

In this day in age you no longer have to turn into a metal mouth in order to achieve your dream smile. Customized Invisalign aligners can move your teeth with completely metal-free resin aligners.

Our Glendale Invisalign dentists have found that cosmetic dentistry patients choose Invisalign for a number of reasons. Here are the top three reasons that people of many ages turn to Invisalign rather than utilizing traditional metal braces:

Perfect Your Teeth Discreetly

When you actually have your Invisalign aligners in, your real teeth are going to show through. This is because Invisalign aligners are actually crafted from clear resin. You’ll be able to improve your dental alignement, without drawing attention to the fact that you are undergoing cosmetic dentistry.

Both teenage and adult patients love the invisibility of these aligners for school and work. Throughout the treatment process all people will see is your increasingly straight and seamless smile.

Maintain A Clean Smile

Anyone who has dealt with metal braces knows that it can be really difficult to keep teeth clean during traditional orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are totally removable. So when it’s time to clean your smile, all you have to do is pop out your aligner, and brush and floss as normal.

Get The Exact Results You Want

When we plan your Invisalign treatment process, we will help you visualize how your smile will change over time. As part of this process, you will be able to make any tweaks you want to your Invisalign plan. This helps to ensure that you love your post-treatment smile!

Invisalign is a great cosmetic dentistry option for many types of dental patients. If you have been considering Invisalign, our Glendale cosmetic dentists can give you additional information about the entire process. Give us a call!