Glendale Lumineers Dentist Discusses How Lumineers are Designed

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 24, 2012

Lumineers are one of the latest advancement in cosmetic dentistry. They can transform a patient’s smile in only one or two visits, and they can be used to correct a number of common cosmetic problems. Many patients are choosing Lumineers because they are so versatile, natural looking, and minimally invasive.


Although Lumineers are increasingly popular, many patients are confused about how exactly Lumineers work. The truth is, Lumineers are an innovative, and straightforward treatment option. These thin layers of porcelain are placed directly over existing teeth. They can be used to make a smile appear whiter, straighter, or more proportionate.


Lumineers are unique because they are so thin. The average Lumineer is only 0.2 mm thick—this is about the thickness of a contact lens. Because Lumineers are so thin, they provide a number of advantages when compared to more traditional cosmetic treatments, such as veneers.


Lumineers are so thin that they fit comfortably and naturally over existing teeth. This means that in order to apply your Lumineers your dentist will not need to destroy a much healthy tooth structure as he or she would with veneers. Lumineers are therefore, unlike veneers, completely reversible. Your healthy teeth are not irreparably filed or ground down.


Lumineers also deliver dramatic, natural looking results. These thin layers of porcelain are multi-dimensional—refracting and reflecting light similarly to natural enamel. Consequently, Lumineers never look fake, dull or thick. Rather, they mimic the natural strength and beauty of your real teeth!


In many ways Lumineers are an ideal cosmetic solution—they take the core concept of cosmetic veneers and approve on their designe. Lumineers are thin, reversible and natural looking. And best of all, they usually be placed in only two appointments. If you’ve been living with a smile you don’t love, give our Glendale Lumineers dentists a call for more information on this innovative treatment.