Glendale Restorative Dentist Outlines Treatments Utilized To Achieve Full Mouth Reconstruction

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 27, 2023

When a person comes to our Glendale dentist for full mouth reconstruction, our dental team builds a treatment plan to meet the patient’s individual needs. Full mouth reconstructions are very personal; by combining different treatments our dental team is able to achieve aesthetic as well as functional results.

Today we are providing an overview of some of the treatments that are commonly used to achieve full mouth reconstructions.

CEREC Crowns: patients who need to restore teeth that are damaged or infected may benefit from CEREC crowns. These customized restorations are created—from start to finish—in just one appointment, in our office.

Root Canal: when a tooth is severely damaged—down to the dental core—our team performs root canal therapy to preserve healthy dentin and enamel. Then, we can rebuild the tooth with personalized restorations.

Dental Veneers: these thin porcelain restorations are affixed to the patient’s natural tooth structure in order to resurface the patient’s smile. With veneers, you can make your smile look straighter, whiter and brighter, and more seamless.

Invisalign: this treatment is used to move the patient’s natural teeth into better alignment. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to apply pressure to teeth, rather than unsightly metal brackets and wires.

Dental Implants: dental implants are individual replacement teeth that are actually permanently anchored into the patient’s smile. Dental implant roots can also be affixed to larger dental prostheses, like bridges and dentures.

Bridges: patients with multiple missing teeth in a row can use bridges to replace teeth with just one prosthesis.

The best way to get an idea of what full mouth reconstruction would look like for you is to schedule a consultation with our Glendale dental team. We will walk you through your treatment options and help you achieve your aesthetic and structural dental goals!