Glendale Root Canal Dentist Answers Patient Questions About This Important Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 26, 2024

Our Glendale dental team understands that many people feel anxious and concerned about undergoing root canal therapy. However, we also know that this treatment can be critical to helping patients achieve healthy and whole smiles.

We want to help de-stigmatize and de-mystify root canal therapy. So, today, we are answering your questions about root canal treatment—keep reading to learn more!

Q: How is root canal therapy different than getting a regular cavity removed?
A: The basic difference between root canal therapy and treatment for a standard cavity, is that root canal therapy is more extensive and removes more of the natural dental structure. During root canal treatment our team removes damaged enamel and dentin, and then our team actually goes into the core of the tooth and takes out all of the dental pulp, nerves, and roots as well. Root canal therapy is designed to clear away the most severe dental infections.

Q: How long does it take to recover from root canal treatment?

A: Once our dental team has removed all of the damaged dental material, and cleaned your tooth, we will place a restoration or filling to repair your tooth. In many cases we are able to restore your tooth on the same day that we perform root canal treatment—in this case, there is virtually no post-treatment recovery time necessary. Sometimes there is a short period of time between the treatment and restoration—this time is necessary to treat an embedded infection. If this is the case for you, our dentist will supply you with specific care instructions to follow until your restoration can be placed.

Q: How do I know if I need root canal therapy?
A: The only way to know for sure that your tooth requires root canal treatment is to undergo an assessment by a dentist, which will likely require X-ray imaging so that they can see the extent of the infection. However, if you are suffering from persistent dental pain and hard-to-treat bad breath, be aware that these can be signs of serious dental problems.

Do you still have questions about root canal therapy? Our Glendale root canal dentists are here to answer your questions.