Glendale Root Canal Dentist Discusses Different Situations In Which Patients Benefit from Root Canal

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 14, 2014

Let’s be honest, most patients do not hear the words “root canal” and think “yeah, sounds great!” However, root canal therapy is a very important, sometimes smile-saving dental solution, so if you require a root canal, don’t put it off! In this concise article, our Glendale root canal dentist is going to be telling you about when you may need to undergo this important treatment.

Root canal therapy takes a damaged tooth, removes the infected or damaged portion of it, and then reseals the shell of the tooth. Consequently, the patient is able to save the appearance and the functionality of his or her smile.

Basically, any time that you have a tooth that is severely damaged or infected, root canal therapy may be necessary. The inner core of the tooth, called the dental pulp, is quite sensitive; if this portion of the tooth is compromised or injured, you likely require root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy may be necessary when:

· A dental infection goes untreated, and travels through the tooth to the inner core

· The patient sustains a serious dental injury in which his or her tooth is cracked to the core

· A patient suffers from chronic bruxism (dental grinding), as this habit will weaken teeth over time and lead to fracture

· Gum disease is allowed to run rampant, thus moving from the gum tissue to the dental roots

When patients require root canal therapy, they often experience prominent dental pain and sensitivity. If you notice any drastic changes with your smile, talk to your dentist as soon as possible, so that you can get the treatment you need.

Our Glendale root canal dentist office can give you any more information that you need about root canal therapy and restorative dentistry. Feel free to call us to get started!