Glendale Root Canal Dentist Explains How To Avoid Serious Dental Problems

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 10, 2012

Our Glendale dentists know that most patients will do anything to avoid undergoing root canal therapy. However, once a tooth is severely damaged, root canal therapy is often the only thing that can save the tooth’s functionality and appearance. If you’re serious about avoiding root canal treatment, you need to use preventative dentistry and avoid serious dental problems all together.


Root canal therapy may be required in a number of situations—contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only rampant cavities that necessitate root canals. Here I review some common problems that may lead to root canal treatment. Keep these dental situations in mind, and let your dentist know if you’re suffering from any of these problems.


The first dental problem that leads to root canal therapy is the most obvious, untreated dental cavities. Dental cavities begin on the top of the tooth, with the dental enamel, and then move toward the inner tooth core. Once the bacteria reach the dental pulp (the core of the tooth), you’ll probably need a root canal.


Beyond cavities, anytime a tooth is damaged—specifically fractured or cracked—a patient may require root canal therapy. Your tooth could become damaged in an accident, like a car or sports accident. However, teeth can also become chipped and cracked in more mundane ways. Patients how chronically grind their teeth, or chew harsh foods and ice, are more susceptible to dental fracture. If your tooth becomes fractured, bacteria may accumulate in the crevice, and quickly reach the inner tooth.


Finally if you have older, amalgam fillings, you may be at greater risk of severe dental problems. Amalgam fillings can actually shrink and pull away from the outer edges of the tooth over time. When this happens, bacteria accumulate beneath the ill-fitting filling, and thus you may require root canal therapy.


If you notice any of these problems, seek treatment immediately. The sooner that you treat your dental cavities, fractured teeth, and decaying amalgam restorations, the healthier your smile will be. Our Glendale root canal dental office can help you with any of these dental problems and more—just give us a call!