Glendale Root Canal Dentist Explains The Mechanics Of Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 2, 2014

Root canal therapy has a big, and often scary, reputation among dental patients. But do you know how this treatment actually works? What it actually does to help people with damaged smiles? If you want to learn more about this very important dental treatment, please keep reading this short explanation from our Glendale root canal dentists

The key goal of root canal therapy is to preserve as much of your real and natural tooth as possible. If you have a tooth that is either severely infected, or extensively damaged due to an accident or trauma, root canal may become necessary.

During this process our dentist:

· Assess your tooth to determine the extent of your infection of damage

· Clears away any diseased or unstable dental materials

· Removes the dental nerves—which extend down through the roots of the tooth

· Sterilize the remaining tooth to protect against re-infection

· Fill the dental structure with a sturdy dental grade material, so that the tooth is reinforced and strong

· Cap the tooth with a natural looking and function dental restoration

By going through this comprehensive restorative process, you may be able to avoid tooth loss, which often accompanies serious dental infections and damage. It is always best to maintain as much of your natural smile as is possible—that is how you keep your entire smile strong and healthy for the long-term.

Our Glendale dentist office is proud to help patients with damaged smiles reclaim attractive and healthy teeth. When you contact our dental team, we can also tell you more about the relaxation dental treatments that we utilize to help keep patients calm and comfortable throughout the treatment process.

We look forward to speaking with you! Just call our office, or use our “contact us” page on our website to get started!