Glendale Root Canal Dentist Gives Tips For Successful Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 24, 2015

Root canal therapy is a very important restorative dental treatment that, for many people, can be smile saving. However, patients of all ages have a lot of fear and anxiety regarding root canal therapy.

Our Glendale root canal dentists want to help you have the best possible root canal experience. So here are some tips from our dental team about the root canal process:

1. Trust matters

Make sure that you are working with a dentist with whom you feel confident. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as you are leading up to treatment—the more you know about how your specific treatment process will unfold, the more confident you will feel. You should feel like all of your questions and concerns have been thoroughly addressed prior to treatment.

2. Explore sedation options

Modern sedation dentistry has made it possible to have a practically painless root canal! From simple localized anesthesia to oral conscious sedation, you have pain-management options. Our dental team will help you determine the best sedation option for you based on you dental history, pain tolerance, and level of dental decay.

3. Help your mouth heal

Prior to root canal treatment, help your mouth get ready to heal by practicing good oral hygiene. If you are using tobacco products, try to stop, as these can seriously impede the healing process, and lead to oral infection. Post-treatment make sure to follow all of your dentist’s care instructions. Remember: your smile is one of your most valuable assets—you want to take care of it!

Although root canal therapy may, at first, seem scary or intimidating, the truth is that this treatment can help you retain damaged teeth and avoid tooth loss. So contact our Glendale root canal dentists if you think that you might benefit from root canal therapy.