Glendale Sedation Dentist Offers Numerous Relaxation Treatment Options

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 25, 2016

Sedation dentistry has transformed the dental treatment experience for patients of many ages. Our Glendale dentists offer a number of different sedation options to help you get the treatment that you need without the stress and discomfort that you don’t. Keep reading to learn more about some of the commonly utilized sedation treatments in our office…

Let’s start by talking about a type of sedation with which you are probably already familiar—nitrous oxide. This treatment is also sometimes referred to as “laughing gas.” In order to benefit from laughing gas, you will inhale nitrous oxide through a mask that is held up to your face. As you inhale, you’ll start to feel relaxed, calm, and even a little giggly. You will remain conscious through the nitrous oxide treatment process, but you will be generally unbothered by what’s happening around you!

If you are someone who has trouble even getting into the dentist’s chair due to dental anxiety, you may benefit from oral conscious sedation. This treatment option allows you to benefit from the effects of sedation before you even get to our office. Our dentist will prescribe you a sedative pill, which you will take at home about an hour before your appointment. Once you take this pill you will feel calm and relaxed—you will need someone to bring you to the office, because after taking the pill you’ll be unable to drive. The effects of this pill will wear off after treatment once you’re back home.

The final sedation option is IV sedation—this is generally used for more comprehensive reconstructive treatments as well as wisdom teeth removal. When you come in for treatment, our dentist will insert an IV into your arm, so that we can administer the sedative directly into your bloodstream.

Our Glendale sedation dentists are here to help you determine which relaxation treatment is most appropriate for your personality and treatment plan. Give us a call to get started!