Glendale Wisdom Teeth Dentist Explains How Wisdom Teeth Extraction Benefits Patients

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 11, 2014

If your wisdom teeth are starting to come in and disrupt your smile, it may be time to undergo wisdom tooth extraction. Our Glendale wisdom teeth dentists will be able to help you determine whether or not extraction is the right answer for you. Here are some reasons why patients pursue wisdom tooth extraction…

When your wisdom teeth begin to come in, they can cause some problems to your overall smile. When our dentist extracts problematic wisdom teeth, he can put your smile back on track to looking and feeling healthy for the long term.

1. Emerging wisdom teeth are prone to becoming infected. It is very difficult for patients to adequately clean these teeth, because they are located so far back in the patients’ mouths. Over time the infected wisdom teeth can contaminate gum and bone tissue, as the infection spreads throughout your mouth. When floss and a toothbrush head cannot effectively remove plaque in the back of the mouth, you will experience dental deterioration and gum disease.

Once your wisdom teeth are removed, you will not have to deal with the potential of these teeth becoming cavity-ridden.

2. When your wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they can also put pressure on your other teeth, causing them to move. This can lead to dental misalignment and crooked teeth, even if you have previously straightened your teeth with orthodontia.

When our dental team removes your wisdom teeth, we can help preserve the appearance and structure of your smile.

If you want more information about how wisdom teeth will affect your smile, and what wisdom tooth extraction entails, please feel free to contact our dental team. Give our Glendale wisdom tooth dentist office a call, or submit your contact information through our website. We are here to help you make the best decisions for you smile!