Glendale Wisdom Tooth Dentist Extracts Wisdom Teeth to Preserve Dental Health

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

Many patients do not realize how wisdom teeth can affect their smiles, because wisdom teeth are mostly hidden. As wisdom teeth emerge, however, they can affect the stability and the health of a patient’s mouth. That is why our Glendale wisdom tooth extraction dentists provide extraction treatments for patients of many ages. Keep reading to get more information about how this treatment works, and why it is hugely helpful for many people.

Your wisdom teeth are positioned in the very back of your mouth, behind your back molars. Wisdom teeth start out below the gum line. Some wisdom teeth never fully emerge, they remain compacted in the bone, or they emerge partially or sideways. Other times, a patient’s wisdom teeth emerge out of the gum tissue, and attempt to fill the back-most spaces of the patient’s mouth.

Wisdom teeth can lead to a number of problems, because:

· It is very difficult to keep these teeth clean—they are simply hard to reach with floss and a toothbrush. Thus wisdom teeth are prone to becoming infected, and spreading infections throughout the mouth.

· Wisdom teeth put pressure on your other teeth, causing them to shift around. Many patients can actually feel an uncomfortable pressure in the back of their mouths when their wisdom teeth start to come in. Wisdom teeth can alter the structure of your smile, even if you have already completed orthodontic treatment.

· Wisdom teeth that are partially or completely embedded in the jawbone can become infected and lead to bone tissue deterioration.

During the wisdom tooth extraction process, our dental team removes compacted and visible wisdom teeth. This minimizes your chance of dental infection, and provides your smile with ample room. Our Glendale wisdom tooth dentist can help you determine whether wisdom tooth extraction is right for you—give us a call to get started!