Here Are Some Simple Upgrades To Your Brushing Routine From Our Glendale Dentists

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 6, 2023

We all get into ruts sometimes in our daily lives—it’s normal! But, when we do fall into ruts, it is crucial that we make some changes in our lives to help us get back on track.

This is truer than ever when it comes to brushing your teeth. Over time, we can let bad habits creep in, and suddenly our mouths are not feeling as fresh and clean as they used to. This article from our Glendale dentists will give you the information you need to jump-start your oral hygiene routine again.

Brush Smarter, Not Harder

The key goal of your at-home oral hygiene routine should be to brush gently but thoroughly twice a day. Applying too much pressure to your enamel, or using a toothbrush that is too firm, can actually cause your teeth to wear down. Your dental team can help you determine what type of toothbrush is appropriate for you.

Now, a quick note on thoroughness: the American Dental Association recommends that both adult and pediatric patients brush for two minutes at a time. This is probably a lot longer than you are used to brushing—it is so easy to overestimate how long you spend cleaning your smile.

Fresh Tools

It is also important for you to swap out old or worn-down dental tools in a timely manner. After two or three months of use the bristles of your toothbrush will be worn, frayed, and less effective. Plus, old tools can harbor the very bacteria you are trying to clear away. Also, make sure that you grab a new toothbrush after you have recovered from an illness.

As always, our Glendale dentists are here to give you additional information, and to help you optimize your oral hygiene routine! Get started with a personalized assessment with our dental team.