Improve Your Daily Hygiene Routine With These Tips From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 10, 2017

So many adult dental patients fall into ruts when it comes to daily dental care. We may be brushing morning and night, but are we really doing a good job of cleaning our smiles?

If you’ve been slacking, take the time to read through this short article from our Glendale dentists. Today we’re talking about how to get the most out of our oral hygiene routines!

How Often?

The American Dental Association recommends that adult and pediatric patients brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Your dentist will let you know if you need to add extra brushing or flossing sessions into your routine.


You should be brushing your teeth every morning and every night. The best time to floss is at night, right before you brush your teeth. One thing to keep in mind: you want to wait at least twenty to thirty minutes to brush your teeth after you have consumed something acidic, as acid makes your enamel more susceptible to erosion.

For How Long?

Many people are surprised to learn that they should be brushing their smile for a full two minutes every time that they brush. We recommend that you set a timer for two minutes before you begin brushing, or that you play a song that is about two minutes long, so that you can get a sense of how long you need to be cleaning your smile.

If you are already following these recommendations (or your dentist’s personal recommendations) to a T, but you still feel like your smile is suffering, please reach out to your dental team. You may be someone who would benefit from a specially formulated mouth rinse, or specific professional preventive or restorative treatments.

You can schedule a personal consultation with our Glendale dentist by calling our office or using our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry. It’s never too late to get your smile on track!