Learn More About CEREC Restorations In Glendale, CA

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 21, 2023

Addressing existing dental damage doesn’t have to be a lengthy or cumbersome process. Our Glendale CEREC dentists offer treatment that is convenient, effective, and patient-friendly.

CEREC treatment allows patients to restore damaged teeth in one day, rather than having to schedule multiple appointments and follow-ups in order to fix broken or infected teeth. Keep reading to learn more about how this treatment works.

Traditionally, a patient who needed a dental crown would need to come into his or her dentist’s office multiple times to complete treatment. In the first appointment, the patient’s tooth is prepped, and the dentist takes an impression of the tooth. Then, the impression is sent to an off-site lab, where the actual crown is created. Once the crown has made it back to the dentist’s office, the patient comes in again so that the crown can be fitted and bonded in place.

CEREC technology enables our dental team to craft, refine, and place a crown right here in our office, all in one appointment. We actually mill your personalized restoration as you’re in the dentist’s chair.

Obviously, this allows you, as the patient, to get the treatment you need immediately, and get on with your life. But, it also prevents you from having to deal with an ill-fitting temporary crown in the time between appointments. Plus, CEREC ensures that you get the customized aesthetic and functional results you need; you have one dentist overseeing every aspect of your treatment process.

CEREC crowns are high quality, attractive, and designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Although these restorations are created in one day, they are in no way temporary crowns.

If you are dealing with dental damage, our Glendale CEREC dentists can help you get your smile back on track. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!