Learn More About Dental Surgeries From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on May 17, 2022

Many people get a little nervous when they hear the word “surgery” but the truth is that oral surgeries are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, there are number of situation in which oral surgery is critical to achieving or maintaining a healthy and whole smile. This article from our Glendale dentists is all about scenarios in which surgical intervention may become necessary…

Dental Damage

If an infection has spread throughout your smile, our team will use surgical methods to remove the damaged tissue, and restore the rest of your smile. Keep in mind that small cavities and areas of gum disease can become more severe and widespread as time goes on. The key to staying healthy is to treat these issues a promptly as possible to minimize your risk of developing complications.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal includes oral surgery for many patients who do not have fully emerged third molars. A wisdom tooth that is stuck in a patient’s jawbone tissue is called “impacted,” and surgical intervention allows our team to go into the jaw tissue and remove the problematic tooth.

Oral Cancers

Patients who are diagnosed with oral cancer will also require surgery in order to remove cancerous tumors. Whether these tumors develop on the tongue, jaw, hard palate, or sinuses, prompt removal is paramount to successful treatment. Make sure to see your dental team regularly so that the can screen your mouth for signs of cancerous or pre-cancerous tissues.

As you can see, dental surgery may become necessary for a number of different reasons. Please don’t put this kind of essential care off due to fear or anxiety. Our Glendale dentists are here to help you through it!