Learn More About Effective Tooth Replacement Treatments From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on May 10, 2016

When you’re dealing with premature tooth loss, you can start to feel self-conscious of your smile in day to day situations. Even worse, the hole in your smile can actually lead to all kinds of other serious dental issues as time goes on. For this reason, our Glendale dentists recommend that people suffering from tooth loss seek treatment as soon as possible.

Let’s learn more about the different types of treatments that you can use to rebuild your smile!

One of the tried and true treatments for tooth loss is the denture. A denture is used to replace consecutive missing teeth. What you may not know is that recent innovations in restorative dentistry mean that dentures can now be stabilized, and permanently attached in a patient’s mouth.

Traditionally, dentures have been designed to simply sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. The denture would perhaps be further stabilized with some dental adhesive that sits between the gum tissue and the base of the denture. Now, however, our dental team can use titanium roots (which are traditionally used with dental implants) to permanently stabilize your denture in your jawbone tissue. This completely changes the experience of living with dentures!

Speaking of dental implants, these stand-alone replacement teeth most closely mimic the natural structure of a tooth. Every dental implant has its own titanium replacement root (when we use titanium roots with dentures, we typically only need two or three roots to secure a full prosthetic). Each dental implant root has a natural-looking restoration on top, so that the replacement tooth blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Dental implants stay in place permanently, and you will be able to care for your implants as you care for your natural teeth!

If you are living with tooth loss, our Glendale dentists can help you reclaim a healthy and stunning smile. Please call our office when you are ready to get started rebuilding missing teeth!